As a consultant and an engineer of electric works and equipments

Senko Group has built up a big pipe with various electric equipments and machinery manufactures to supply all needed electric facilities and materials to all sort of buildings, such as house, office building, and factory. Above all, now we develop business activity and work at reinforcing for further cooperation for a strategic arrangement in partnership for more than 50 years with Panasonic Group mainly and cooperating with over 300 manufacturers.

As a result, we became a MEGA distributor in Aichi-prefecture where 100 competitors crowded and have dominated in electric works and appliances market in Tokai district.
Concerning the amount of sale, we are one of leading companies in this business field.

One advantage is the better cost performance by strong buying power, and stability, and treat of a lot of manufacturers' products. We, therefore, can inform and suggest to our customers about their question against the latest product and technology information after we chose useful things. In other words, there is it in the business-style that we focus on consulting sale.

As another strength, we have the high technology and know-how about light electric facilities construction. We can dispatch an experienced engineer as advisor concerning total system against disasters, crime prevention, picture, sound, communication etc., and supply them to customers. We have executive examples of well-known buildings, hotels, apartments etc., in Tokai district.

At the same time, it means that our customers have the same ability as an advantage if they deal with Senko as a business partner. If we express it in the words, it means our customers are able to widely expand their business opportunity.
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